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Dental Health Review in Salisbury at Gentle Dental - they are the best way to avoid dental issues that might require expensive and painful treatment in the future.

Our Dental Health Review includes hygienist appointments which allows a three way conversation between you, the dentist and hygienist. This ensures there is clear thought process from all if us on the best way forward for you.

A thorough dental health review

The reception team instantly put me at ease making my visit get off to a good start. Niamh is brilliant with me and understands me completely and goes out of her way to fend off my fears. Don't know how I managed without her.- Ms C. Poulton

We take our time to thoroughly check your teeth and gums. We’ll examine your fillings to asses if they are sound or could cause future issues. Similarly if you have dental crowns, bridges or tooth implants we’ll check them carefully to ensure they're healthy and there's no hidden issues.

With years of experience Rob will be able to spot any early signs of decay or failure on existing fillings or previous dental work and explain what it means, in plain English.

We recommend that you see the dental hygienist at the same time (we offer combined appointments) so that you can be sure your teeth and gums are in top condition.

Don't like visiting the dentist?

Many people don't. We have clients who feel the same as you, and they come back to us regularly for their dental health review and other treatments because they know we'll help them feel at ease. Rob's sense of humour and approachable nature will help you relax, and by clearly explaining what he's doing there'll be no nasty surprises.

From arriving in our relaxing waiting area where you can enjoy a free coffee, to the friendly guidance we provide we work hard to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Rob checks 12 aspects of your dental health

  1. Your awareness of dental health
  2. Any concerns you may have
  3. Any specific risks to your oral health in your everyday life (e.g. stress can affect your gum health)
  4. How you feel about the appearance of your smile
  5. The health of your jaw joint
  6. The health of your gums
  7. The health of your teeth using an intra oral camera
  8. The health and stability of fillings, crowns, etc. you may have.
  9. The health of the inside of your mouth – i.e. a mouth cancer check-up
  10. The health of your lymph nodes and salivary glands
  11. Your general health, including any medications you take
  12. Take x-rays to check bone levels and the areas inside, under and between the teeth

Looking to save money on a dental health review?

Members of our dental plan can spread the cost of dental health reviews and hygienist visits over the year, as well as receive discounts on treatments and emergencies. If you’d like to save money then take a look at our dental plan page.

Visit our dental plan membership page


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