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Rob, one of our dentists, and Niamh one of our hygienists are the husband and wife team who own the practice. Both have years of experience, and are constantly developing their skills with new courses and equipment. You can be sure you’re in safe hands.

How are Gentle Dental different?

  • We always book plenty of time for your appointments. As we’re not rushing, we are careful and take our time to listen to your needs.
  • Our high quality dental work is designed to last and look great.
  • We go to great lengths to learn the latest techniques from the best courses and people.
  • We hand pick every dental treatment, laboratory and material.
  • We have created a welcoming and relaxing practice. We understand people don’t look forward to visiting a dentist, so we try to make the experience as pleasant as possible.
  • You’ll always see the same faces as we're a small team.

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Are you nervous about visiting the dentist?

Everyone is professional but at the same time the most welcoming and friendly I've ever experienced at a dentist. I have been a nervous patient in the past due to poor dentistry and service, but not any longer!
- Mrs J Brine

If so don’t worry, many people are, we have years of experience and we understand what it can be like from your point of view.

One of our core aims is to make sure we make our dental treatments as stress free and pain free as possible.

Here’s a few ways we make your experience at Gentle Dental more pleasant:

  • We try to use the latest equipment and techniques so our work is more comfortable and efficient. For example Niamh, our dental hygienist, will let you choose how she works, and is happy to take breaks to ensure you're comfortable.
  • We use a 3D scanner to get a digital 'impression' of your mouth this avoids pushing a tray full of gunk in your mouth to take an impression.
  • We'll always help you choose the best options for you.
  • We’ll take our time to make sure we reduce pain and discomfort. We can anaesthetize you in small steps after applying a numbing gel so that you’ll barely feel it.
  • We’ll explain each treatment in detail, this way there won’t be any nasty surprises.
  • Don’t like being stuck in the dentist’s chair? You can watch the films from the comfort of your chair.
  • We try to make our practice like a home away from home; we’ll even make sure it smells nice, and not clinical. We want you to relax.
  • We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work and make sure that our treatments last as long as possible.

Why use us over an NHS dentist

We always allow for longer appointments than you'll get on the NHS, we take our time to carefully do any dental health reviews or treatments. This means we can be gentler and ensure that our work is of the highest quality.

We always try to save as much healthy tooth as possible when doing any dental treatments, and pulling a tooth out is always a last resort.

We take pride in our work, even with a simple filling we’ll be sure to choose the perfect shade to blend in with your teeth, something many dentists won’t do.

As you are our client we work directly for you, however you want your appointment to be we will do our best to accommodate. Whether that's avoiding a specific treatment or allowing you to frequently take a break. We want your visit to be as pleasant as possible.


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