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It’s important to see your dentist and hygienist regularly to keep your teeth in top condition.

Our dental plan makes this easier by spreading out the cost and is also less expensive for you compared to paying for each visit.

Dental plan membership benefits

Dental plan and membership

  • Includes two-four hygienist appointments each year depending on your requirements. Dental health review with a dentist as necessary
  • Free emergency dental assessments
  • Free x-rays and clinical photos
  • 10% discount on cost of routine dental treatments (e.g. fillings)
  • 5% discount on cost of crowns, bridges, veneers and inlays
  • Worldwide emergency callout dental insurance
  • Trauma cover
  • Redundancy protection

Membership costs

My family and I have been using Gentle Dental for years. Very satisfied and would definitely recommend them.
Tim Bishop

We have different dental plans available, the plan prescribed for you depends on an initial assessment to see which is best suited to your needs. All the dental plans share the same benefits listed in the section below and include at least two hygienist appointments each year and a dental health review when necessary*.

*The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends a risk based assessment for recall length for dental health reviews so the frequency of the review will vary depending on your risk of oral disease.

  • Our basic plan is for those with good oral health who need only a little help offers two 40 minute hygienist appointments combined with a dental health review when necessary. This costs £17.91 monthly
  • Our maintenance plan is for those who would benefit from a bit more guidance on improving their oral hygiene. It extends each hygienist appointments to 60 minutes combined with a dental health review when necessary. This costs £25.50 monthly
  • Our preventive plan* includes three 60 minute hygienist appointments combined with a dental health review when necessary. This costs £39.43 monthly
  • Our extensive plan* includes four 60 minute hygienist appointments combined with a dental health review when necessary. This costs £50.65 monthly
  • Our teen plan (13/-17) includes two 30 minute hygienist appointments combined with a Dental Health Review when necessary. This costs £14.11 monthly
  • Our child plan (5-12) includes two 30 minute hygienist appointments combined with a dental health review when necessary. This costs £10.77 monthly
  • Children under 5 are free of charge

* The preventative and extensive plans are designed for clients with periodontal disease who need to receive more frequent treatment.

What our dental plan covers

  Membership Private Fees
New Client Exam Adult (Inc X-rays & Photos) N/A £103.00
New Client Exam Child 5-12 years old (Inc X-rays & Photos) N/A £63.00
New Client Exam Child 13-17 years old (Inc X-rays & Photos)  N/A £83.00
Routine Adult Dental Health Review (separate to a hygienist visit) Included £115.50
Routine Child/Teen Dental Health Review (separate to a hygienist visit) Included £77.00
Hygienist (40/60 minutes) Included £124.50/£162.00
Dental Emergency Appointment Included £147.00
X Rays Included £19.00
Dental Crown / inlay (from) £726.94 £765.20
Dental Veneer (from) £758.96 £798.91
Dental Bridge (per unit from) £626.63 £656.45
White Fillings (from) £103.95 £115.50
Teeth Whitening £332.50 £350.00
Root Canal Treatment (from) £383.85 £426.50
Tooth Extraction £207.90 £231.00
Invisalign Braces (starting from) £1250.00 £1250.00
Special Offers Throughout the Year Included N/A
Dental emergency assistance scheme Included £231.00

New clients

Meet Gentle DentalIf you like the sound of a dentist who will give you a high quality service in relaxing and welcoming surroundings and where you will see the same people every time, get in touch with us.

Come and meet us

We’re confident you’ll love our practice and our friendly team and in the past, have offered a ‘come in and meet us service’. With current restrictions this is more difficult so why not do a virtual consultation to have a chat and get a feel for us and the practice. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic dentistrydental treatments or just want to have a more pleasant hygienist or dental health review visit you can meet us virtually for a free chat and we can answer any questions you may have.

First time visiting us?

Generally we will have had a video call with you to chat through your concerns before your first visit. But don’t worry if video calling is not your thing, we will allow enough time at your first visit to chat with you and find out what you want to achieve, and if you have any specific issues or cosmetic treatments in mind. If you decide you'd like to see if a treatment is suitable for you then we'll need to give you a thorough examination.

To follow on from your first visit we will arrange a free consultation with you to discuss your options. We'll detail each treatment you may want to consider, carefully explaining the pros and cons of each, as well matching a treatment schedule to your budget and timescale.

Reasons people love Gentle Dental

Gentle Dental is a marvelous practice, all the team make me feel welcome, relaxed and at ease from the moment I walk in the door. I would thoroughly recommend this practice to everyone especially those who may be nervous.
- Mrs H. Blencowe

  • We minimise discomfort, with the latest equipment, techniques and careful work.
  • Our thorough dental health review pick up most issues early so that repairs are quicker, less invasive and less expensive.
  • We care about you, you’ll be seeing the same faces every time, we take our time to explain everything clearly and help you make informed choices.
  • Our relaxing environment and service, we do all we can to put you at ease before, during and after your visit.
  • We listen to your concerns and preferences to make it a more pleasant experience.
  • We aim to catch issues early, by anticipating issues rather than reacting to them we hope to stop them becoming a serious or expensive problem in the future.
  • We will always apply the ‘If you were my family member the treatment I would recommend’ criteria when recommending a treatment plan to ensure we always have your best interest at the forefront of our minds.


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