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White fillings are not just visually much better than metal amalgam fillings but we believe they’re also better for you. This is why we only offer white fillings.

Why are white fillings better for your teeth?

  • Less drilling, as white fillings bond to your teeth we only need to remove the decay without the need to remove healthy tooth to provide a shape for fitting like we would with a metal filling.
  • They damage your teeth less than metal amalgam fillings.
  • Lower risk of further decay under the tooth, as white fillings are glued to your teeth it’s harder for decay to form.
  • Easy to repair, white fillings can be repaired or expanded into new cavities unlike metal fillings which will need to be removed (often along with more of your tooth) before they can be repaired.
  • Less likely to flake as they don’t expand and contract with changes in temperature.
  • Look better, white fillings are hard to spot especially as we take the time to match them to just the right colour for your teeth.

The perfect fillings

I needed a small filling. As always, Rob was very gentle, and the work was completed with no surprises and very little discomfort.
Gentle Dental are the best dentists I have been to and I thoroughly recommend them.
- Mrs E. Mcdonald

As with all our dentistry we aim to offer a very high standard of work. Rob goes to great lengths to make sure that the filling will last as long as possible. Where needed he will assess the natural colours in your teeth and paint these through the filling to find an exact and natural looking match.

Rob has trained in both the US and UK for the placement of fillings and keeps up to date with the latest materials and techniques. Combined with his cosmetic dentistry training we’ll make sure your white fillings look as natural as possible. If you require a white filling in Salisbury, you're in safe hands with Rob.

We try to make the experience as pain free as possible; we can use ‘The Wand’ to provide the anaesthetic. This is a slower and much more comfortable way of numbing just the areas needed.


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