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Dental crowns (also known as tooth caps) are used to repair broken teeth by creating a new porcelain tooth attached to the original tooth.

They can be used in place of large, unsightly fillings giving the tooth a natural, unblemished look.

Gentle Dental can repair broken teeth and large fillings with dental crowns in Salisbury.

Why have a dental crown?

 Prolong the life of your tooth

 Looks like a natural tooth

 Get back full use of your tooth so you can eat and speak naturally

Will a dental crown be noticeable?

I received a first class service from Gentle Dental. An extremely friendly and welcoming team made for an enjoyable experience, which is something I have never said after a visit to the dentist.
- Mrs M. Bohm

With dental crowns it is a case of getting what you pay for. This is why Rob has invested in his training and carefully chooses only top laboratories.

Rob will spend time to communicate with you to ensure perfectly matching crowns to your other teeth.

Cheaper crowns often have a metal base. This can distort the colour and leave unsightly black lines at the edge. Rob only uses all porcelain so this doesn't happen.

Fitting your dental crown in Salisbury

  1. We’ll need to shape your tooth so it’s ready for the crown.
  2. Once your tooth is ready for the crown we take a 3D scan to get the measurements we need. Currently we're the only dentist providing dental crowns in Salisbury with the means of taking an impression of your teeth using just our 3D scanner. It’s much less invasive than traditional methods meaning there is no need to place a tray filled with gunk into your mouth. No goop, no gag, no worries. We also take photos of your teeth to make sure the laboratories can match your natural teeth.
  3. We carefully choose only high quality dental laboratories, and it’ll take a couple of weeks for your crown to be made. Don't worry, in the meantime we’ll fit you with a temporary dental crown making sure there is no gap and looks as good as the final crown to protect the work done to prepare your teeth.
  4. When we fit your crown, making sure that it is properly adjusted and you won't know it's there. We’ll then make any final tweaks needed.


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