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If you’re missing several teeth then a denture may well be the best way to replace those teeth.

With a denture you’ll be able to chew and speak properly again.

Dentures are much better than they used to be. Visually they look like actual teeth and will match your remaining teeth. You’ll get your smile back and most people will never suspect you’re wearing a denture.

At Gentle Dental, getting dentures in Salisbury is a straight forward process that doesn’t require any surgery or drilling, it can also much less expensive than dental implants and dental bridges.

Dentures are less permanent than implant or bridges though. They require daily maintenance and you’ll need to get a new set every now and then as your mouth changes.

Telescopic dentures in Salisbury

Why choose a denture?

Telescopic dentures are a less common type of denture. They are attached to special crowns that are placed on a few of the remaining teeth. The telescopic denture then fits onto the crowns and locks into place.

Telescopic dentures are much more secure than normal dentures, they’re simple to put in and they don’t need a large plate to hold them in place making them more comfortable to wear.

Rob is leading the way for bringing telescopic dentures to the UK, and has even written an article about telescopic dentures for PPDentistry.

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What should I get to replace missing teeth?

Why replace missing teeth?

  • Boost your confidence
  • Get your smile back
  • Prevent further wear on remaining teeth
  • Improve your speech
  • Make eating easier

If you’re looking to replace missing teeth then you’ll need to decide whether to get dentures, a dental bridge or tooth implants. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Our friendly team at Gentle Dental are greatly experienced with many different treatments including fitting dentures in Salisbury and will, at no cost, explain each option after an initial consultation so you can choose the best option for you.

Would like to say a huge thank you to Rob and Niamh and the rest of the team at gentle dental they have helped me a lot over the last few years, was the best decision I made. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist.


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