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 Jul 17, 2020

Keep Calm and Carry on....Cleaning at Gentle Dental practice!

Lock down for Gentle Dental is now officially over. In many ways it has been a lovely sojourn however it is nice to be back to some sort of normality.

A snapshot of our 3 months is

April/May - Keep Calm and Carry on gardening/cycling/walking/cooking.

June - Keep Calm and Carry on planning/risk assessing/training.

And July ……. Keep Calm and Carry on Cleaning!!!  Feeling like the proverbial washer woman/man/person!

Treatment room uniform plus 15 to 20 gowns need to be washed each night.  Surfaces need to be cleaned and wiped on the stairs, in reception, the lounge and bathroom - numerous times per day

The treatment rooms’ surfaces were always wiped down between each client but now they are cleaned …. using 'fogging'. Our glorified weed killer containers -are working a treat and it makes the process of the process of cleaning and disinfecting the treatment room efficient, thorough and quick. Wish we had discovered Edge Protect years ago.  Gown and fogging modelled by Rob (don't give up the day job) - click the photo for a short fogging video.

And of course the wonderful 'Sparklean' ladies have been working tirelessly to keep the remainder of the clinic spic and span.  Before we reopened they spent 10 hour getting the building back to normal standards of cleanliness after 3 months of closure.

It has been a joy to see clients again and interesting to hear about various journeys through lockdown. Some funny, some sad but, to a person, relieved to see normality of a kind reasserting itself. It has been an interesting journey for us over the past 6 weeks as we get to grips with new systems and we want to give you a heads up on some of the new order.

Treatment plans, medical histories and consent to treatment will all be sent to you via Docusign. Apologies to those who received this in the early days as you were sometimes getting 6 emails. We have now figured out bulk sending so it will only be one email in future. If you don’t have a touch screen you just click on the signature box and sign using your mouse. We will send you a text to say we have forwarded paperwork for a signature so it doesn’t get lost in your system. Don’t worry if you struggle with computers as there will, of course, be the option to sign at the practice so please just let us know and we will arrange it all with you.

Zoom calls were the order of the day for staying in touch with family and friends over lockdown and we are now employing this system when we need to discuss treatment option with you.

We also have a remote system for new clients where they submit photos of the teeth; Artificial Intelligence creates a report based on this; Rob edits the report and provides his own comments; we then do a video consult to discuss the findings and finally book the client for x-rays and the all-important ‘eyes on teeth’ to confirm findings. Technology is so amazing and our new inquiries are loving it. Click the photo to have a look for yourself.

As you can see there is a lot for us all to get to grips with and many new systems to ensure we keep the correct communication with everyone. The team have been simply amazing in their enthusiasm and desire to ensure a smooth and calm experience for clients.

Finally, many of you will have heard in the news that practices are asking clients to pay up to £40 for the extra PPE necessary for an appointment. We wanted to reassure you that this is not something we are anticipating doing and currently there is no increase to our fees.


So, Keep Calm and Carry on Smiling... perhaps that will be our August theme!!  

Rob, Niamh and the Gentle Dental team

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