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 Apr 20, 2020

What to do if you have dental pain. 

During the Corona outbreak in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, dentists are not allowed to do any treatment that might generate an aerosol spray.  We can speak with patients and give advice or, if appropriate, antibiotics. 

But what do you do if this is not enough to stop the pain?

Emergency Dental Hubs are now open around the country.  However, you cannot just walk in, you have to have spoken with a dentist and be referred.  Your dentist will discuss your symptoms and assess if painkillers or antibiotics are the best option for you.  If he/she feels this will not work they will email a referral to the hub who will contact you an again discuss the situation and assess if they absolutely need to do treatment or if painkillers/antibiotics will suffice. If not, then an appointment time will be allocated to you.

Please be aware this process is as outlined by the government and the regulators within dentistry.  It isn’t the creation of any individual dentist and we have to work within the guideline.

So, if you have pain AND are registered with a dentist, call your practice. They should be monitoring phone calls or providing information on how to contact them.  Don’t call 111 if you are registered with a dentist as you will just be told to contact your practice.   

If you are NOT registered with a dentist, call 111 and they will try to find a dentist that you can speak with for assessment; and referral if appropriate.

If you cannot contact your own dentist or are not registered with a dentist, please feel free to call us 01722 413311 and Rob will give any assistance he can.

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