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What is it that makes Gentle Dental gentle?

We are gentle on your wallet because healthy teeth are less likely to need expensive work and we have plans to help you to budget for care.

Gentle on your time because we combine your hygiene visit and dental health review into one appointment.

Gentle because of the up to date technology and materials we use.

Gentle on your mind because you always see the same team who know you and have your interests at heart.


Our friendly, approachable team is experienced in dealing with nervous clients and those who are anxious about a visit to the dentist.

Our approach is to take the time to listen to your concerns, reassure you about your visit and we will always explain what to expect at each visit. We’re confident that you will find our brilliant team a great comfort during your trips and visiting the dentist will become a nicer experience for you. (see our reviews).


We like to build a relationship with our clients and look after your dental health long term and to achieve this, we build trust.

You can trust us that we will always explain about the appointment and show you photos and x rays to ensure you understand why a particular treatment might be necessary.

You will always know in advance precisely the investment for an appointment and often we will have worked out a payment plan with you.

Most importantly we give you control of each appointment. You can trust us to stop at any time if you want to have a rest.


Based in the heart of city, Gentle Dental is a friendly private dentist in Salisbury. We offer care for the entire family in our relaxed practice where you will find the team friendly and approachable as well as knowledgeable. Our lounge can seem like an oasis of calm and clients describe a visit as like visiting old friends. We will always take the time to chat and allay any anxiety ensuring a visit with us is relaxed and calm.



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