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 Apr 2, 2020

Hello again folks. 

We hope you are all well, safe and are surviving your “family bonding” time!  For our part we thought we were fairly fit with all of the running up and down stairs we do at work but 10 days of walking, cycling, gardening and keep fit with Joe Wicks/Davina McCall (other exercise platforms are also available!!) oh my!  Aching muscles and please do not expect us to bend over to pick anything up from the floor.

Our two young adults are here with us so really nice time from that point of view, and they are both still alive…..just! They have even taken to cooking an occasional meal for us.

[guide to pain]

Some of you have been in touch, hesitantly, for advice and please keep contacting us with any query.  We are more than happy to chat you through any dental concern.  But we thought it might be useful for you to have something you can refer to when you have a concern.  We were busy putting something together when our art student daughter intervened and insisted it had to look good!! And needed an expert touch. Please see below for the information. We hope you like the result and find it useful if you have a concern or query.  Remember we are more than happy for you to contact us as well.

We have had a request to put out some advice on brushing and flossing as well as generally how to look after your oral heath during this time and we are working on this.  The easiest platform in which to get this out to you in on Instagram or Facebook.  We do have a profile on both so if you feel you might like a snapshot of these things then follow us.  We will try to get it on the website blog also but it may be above our technical skills.

Finally, despite the excess of exercise, we are both keeping healthy and mobile.  Should any of you need help with shopping or picking up medicines etc please give us a call.  Have car and can travel as it were.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and see you all on the other side

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