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 Apr 28, 2023


The luck of the Irish in this case is that, despite all of the rain we have had over the last few months, we have only been rained on once during our walking training – and that only happened 500m from our front door at the end of the walk.  Someone has been watching over us for sure.  I, like so many, hate walking in the rain!!!



It is amazing how many of you we have run into over the past few months whilst out walking. We have been exploring the Salisbury surrounds in every direction in a quest to get the miles in so we have been visiting different areas.  The beauty of living somewhere like Salisbury is that, in the main, we have only had to walk from our front door or take a short bus ride and away we go.  So many footpaths and beautiful areas to explore.    

Your support has been fantastic both in the good wishes and your interest in asking us about it and how we are doing; and with donations. Our target is 2K, which to be fair was a number I plucked from the air with no real belief we would achieve it.  We currently sit at almost £1300 which includes the cash many of you have given at the desk. Amazing!



Regarding the interest in how we are doing and indeed the queries on how on earth we are going to do 100km in 24 hours – I thought I would do an update for anyone we haven’t run into or who hasn’t been in to us but would like to know.

We averge between 5.5 - 6km per hour when we are walking and have managed to keep that pace up for our longer walks.   The strategy we are planning is to keep this pace going for the first 50km which would mean we get this done in the first 10 hours, leaving us plenty of time to go slower over the night time walk.   Who knows whether it will work out like that or not.



The days walk that seems to make most people ponder is the ‘Amesbury to Odstock … via Downton’ day.  This was about 40 km. So, bus to Amesbury, back to Salisbury along the river Avon, coffee in the market (got to be done!), Britford, Odstock and Great Yews, Charlton All Saints,  Downton (tea at the Borough Café), Charlton All Saints, Nunton and finally Odstock from where we got a lift.  




Our longest day to date was 48km which meant we were out and about for 9.5 hours, walking for just over 8 hours of that. (The strava picture says 47km, I forgot to restart it after one break). That felt long!  Gulp, how will 24 hours feel!!

We walked a circuitous route into town from Coombe Bissett and headed for the Clarendon way.  Deviated from it around Farley, Pitton, the Winterslows, back along the Clarendon way and out to Coombe Bissett.  Never has the Fox and Goose in Coombe Bissett been such a welcome sight. We virtually crawled into the sunny garden and didn’t move for an hour.   Mind you moving after an hour was tough!



As I write this, I am gearing up to leave work at 12 and head out for approximately 40 km on the Avon Valley path.  When we have had enough or it is convenient, we will jump on the X3 back to Salisbury.  I think a visit to 'Sips' for a beer might have been earned by then!!  Tomorrow will be a 25-30km and then it is the final countdown to the big day.



Training for the last two weeks is lighter so this is the last big push.   Much as we enjoy walking, we are now looking forward to just getting it done.   We feel we may just hang up our walking poles for the rest of the summer and stick to the bikes for outings and exercise. 




Cheekily I have added in the link to the Gentle Dental Just Giving page.  Now the finishing line 'target wise' is in sight we are beginning to believe we can hit it.

Many thanks for your continued support for such a good charity, Hope for Tomorrow.  The mobile cancer treatment van makes life so much easier for families when a loved one is undergoing cancer treatment.  Avoiding a long haul to Southampton every day for weeks makes such a difference.



We will let you know how we manage on the day and the final amount raised of course.

Thanks again for the support and good wishes.


Niamh and Rob

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