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 Dec 4, 2023


Gosh, it is hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us again.  It feels like we have only just packed the christmas tree away at Gentle Dental.  These last few wet and dreary days certainly haven’t helped to get me in the spirit. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some frosty mornings and sunny days.




We have finally closed the Just Giving page for the 100km walk Rob and I did in May.  The final total was just over £4200.  What an achievement.  Thank you all so much for the support and encouragement. It certainly help on the long slog.




We haven’t had a lot happen at Gentle Dental over the summer/autumn so team news is a bit sparse I’m afraid.  The most fun thing we did was a team day out at Bombay Saphire distillery.  Well worth a visit. 

The cocktail masterclass - learn to make 3 cocktails in an hour - was great fun and thankfully it was a sunny day with lots of seating outside in which to imbibe over a period of time.  They need to suss a way for one to carry 3 cocktail glasses in one go though!  Knocking back 3 cocktails in an hour would have been a tall order, even for an Irish woman.





Not so salubrius a venue for our next outing. Tonight we are cooking at ours for the team.  Karenn has never had a traditional roast dinner so we are obliging with that. Perhaps we will have pics to post from that next newsletter.




Looking towards the New year, Gentle Dental celebrates its 20th birthday in February 2024.  And we are having a party on Thursday Feb 1st.

Thursday, February 1st we are opening the practice for clients to visit.  Maybe you have always wondered how we sterilise things, or what checks we run on equipment etc.  Come armed with your questions.  Every area of the practice (well maybe not the staff room- the usual messy space) will be open for a tour.

It may be that you have no interest in the day-to-day workings and simply fancy dropping in to say hi and join us for a glass of bubbles and a cake.  That’s fine by us.

Whilst for many of you the thought of going to your dentist for a party is a weird one, we hope some of you can pop in for a while.   Keep an eye on your emails in January for an invitation.  We wil ask you to indicated a time slot in which you will drop in so we know approximately how many to expect. (Got to have enough cake and bubbles lined up!)






A bit of a departure for me in these blogs is that I am including some before and after pictures of work that Rob and Karenn have done. 

Numerous clients follow us on Instagram and Facebook and the feedback we get when we post these pictures is great.  A usual comment is that they had no idea what could be achieved and it is nice to see the work.  I know lots of you, like me, are not social media lovers so I though I might occasionally include some of the work here.

I have chosen this one as I think the difference is immense, both in appearance and in the confidence the improved smile has given to this client.  This was a collaboration between Rob and Karenn. 





The client, A.M., wanted to make the teeth on the top right match with those on the other side,  He also did not like the way his top front teeth tilted inwards and found his inability to smile with confidence was making people think he was quiet and introverted.  

The issue on the top right was he is congenitially missing the eye tooth and the no 4 tooth, a completely different shape, is in its space. In order to make his smile look better and ensure the midline of his smile is in the midline of this face, we used Invisalign.  This moved the teeth on the top right backwards and recreated the space for the missing eyetooth. A dental implant was then placed and Rob made a crown, ensuring it matched the rest of his smile.  Along way A. had hygienist visits, tooth whitening and composite bonding to perfect the shape of some of the teeth.




I hope you agree this really is a 'smile transformation' and it is so nice to see how confidently A now smiles, beams in fact.



Now some housekeeping bits.

We are finding many of you are arriving very stressed due to delays with parking so I thought I’d mention the ongoing work in the Central car park and on Fishertons Street.   

Both are having an effect on parking space availability and the length of time it takes to get through town and parked.  It may be an idea to allow extra time when planning for you appointments with us.  We are always happy to make you a tea or coffee if you find you have arrived with time to spare.

Parking issues aside, the river area is beginning to look great. I'm loving that Salisbury now has a beach, pebbly but still a 'beach', and rapids. (They are ever so small in the background of the pic). 

I have absolutely no picture in my head for how it will look once it's finished but I'm sure it will look lovely and be a welcoming, picturesque pathway into the city for tourists as well as an additional green space for the rest of us.






Finally FYI - our opening times over the festive season.




As always Rob will be available to offer advice should any of you have a problem and we do have cover arranged with another private practice should any of you need to be seen.

It simply remains for us to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Niamh, Rob and the Gentle Dental team




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