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 Mar 13, 2020

With everything that is going on with Covid 19 (Coronavirus) it is easy to miss the beauty of the season and the anticipation of long hot days (fingers crossed) but it is not long until the clocks change and that ‘summer feeling’ will hit us all. It is so heartening to see the daffodils and catkins when out an about and the stretch in the evenings always lifts my spirits.

With regard to the Coronavirus we wanted to reassure you and allay any concerns you may have about appointments. As a dental practice we are highly regulated regarding our cross-infection control procedures and we wanted to let you know that we haven’t had to alter anything we do with regard to cleanliness and hygiene in the light of the current pandemic.

All of our instruments are either disposable or sterilisable. The checks and balances we have to carry out on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis ensure all of our procedures are to a consistently high standard, all of our equipment functions as it should when cleaning and sterilising instruments and the surfaces in the treatment rooms are wiped down between every client. Continuous compulsory annual training and observation means all of the staff are carrying out all of the procedures to the proper standard every time.    

The Coronavirus as you know is passed on by contact and as we wear gloves for treatments this hugely reduces the risk of the virus being passed to you by a staff member.

The current advice is that the spread of the viral load is not high until you have the symptoms of the illness (cough, high temperature). All of the staff are aware that as soon as they experience any of these symptoms that they are to remain off work and self-isolate as per the government guidelines.

We do fully understand some of you may have concerns and hope that we have allayed your fears. Remember the best way to fight illness is to stay healthy. So, eat healthily, exercise to keep your body healthy, keep your mouth healthy with your routine appointments and most importantly keep your mind healthy.

It is a concerning time for all of us but we need to keep our heads. We would urge you to filter what you hear in the media and follow the advice given by the professionals. Here is the link to the NHS and website which is updated daily so you will always have the most up to date advice and information …without the media hype.

We look forward to seeing you all and Happy Spring

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