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 Jan 10, 2020

Happy New Year!

As we enter a new decade it gives us time to reflect it has been a busy year for us and we would like to thank you all for the support over the past year and for the 16 years we have been open. 

It is a huge compliment for us when you feel confident to refer your friends, family and work colleagues and this you have done in abundance over the past 12 months. The biggest source of new clients who registered with us came on recommendations from you. Thank you for the faith you place in us.

Did you know …..Flossing (cleaning between your teeth) has been scientifically proven to reduce your risk with regard to dementia, stroke and heart disease?? 

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Team updates

Guess who is back!

Victoria returned from maternity leave on Jan 6th.  Little Sophie is now 10 months old and getting cuter by the day. She loves having a look inside our mouths…. a dentist in the making, watch out Rob!

We have also been joined by Jodie, a qualified dental nurse.  Jodie first came to us at age 16 for work experience.  We sadly didn’t have a position available when she was looking for a training place but she has eventually found her way back to us.

Some of you will be very happy to hear that Patricia will be coming back in February. We know many of you will be very happy to see her back with us on reception.

Sadly our ‘cheeky chappie’ Alfred left us at the end of December.  He is starting a barbering course in the new year and hoping to travel the world for a while.

Shilpa, Robs nurse, is now a fully-fledged dental nurse having passed her exams in the summer. However Shilpa will be moving to Kent with her husband and so she is sadly leaving us this January.

Lucy will also be leaving us at the End of January, she is moving back home to Blackpool with her Family.

Save the Date -Saturday Jan 18th at the Guildhall in Salisbury.

Are you looking to improve certain aspects in your life but don’t know where to start?

We are part of a group of health and wellbeing professionals, all of whom are local businesses.  In conversation we realised that lots of people want to improve things in their life but don’t really know where to start.  So, to make it easy for you we will all be in one spot for the day. You can have all of your questions answered and find out the best way forward for you to achieve the health and wellbeing you want. There will be 20+ exhibitors including Not just Backs, Coach me slim, Memory Optician, Maria Olsen Homeopathy to name just a few.

Pop in to say hello.  It is free entry and we are always happy to see familiar faces to chat to. Rob will be one of the speakers on at 12.30 to give information on how flossing can protect against dementia, strokes and heart disease.

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Watch this space

We recently reviewed our business plan, drawn up in 2017. Now that was a laugh!  (We have revisited it numerous times but now we are just going to scrap it and start again!).  It stated we were going to get another dentist, get them busy 2 days per week and then put in a downstairs treatment room.  

Despite our best efforts taking on another dentist just has not worked out so it is currently still just Rob and Niamh on the clinical end of things.  We will keep working on this but in the meantime for those of you desperately hanging in there and struggling with the stairs, we are having a stair lift fitted and hopefully in place by the end of January.

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