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 Oct 30, 2021



I am sitting writing this on a beautiful sunny afternoon and looking out at the colours of autumn all around, desperately trying to avoid looking at the weeds and bedraggled plants I have ignored over the last few weeks.

The past month has been a strange one for me as my dad passed away at the end of September.  I was fortunate as I went home to Ireland and spent his final week helping to care for him; and my mam (very Irish word I know) and me were with him when he passed away peacefully. 

It has been a long time since I was at an Irish funeral and I have to say it did not disappoint.  My dad was a huge presence in the local community over his life and they turned out in force to help us to celebrate his life.  In a strange way it was a very joyful and uplifting experience. 

It has been a whirlwind since then at Gentle Dental.  My focus was not there over the last few months but now it is time to get back on track.  Our long planned new treatment room is up and running.  After a long and extensive interview process, where we had a short list of candidates work alongside us in the clinic, we chose Karenn, a dental therapist, and she started working with us a few weeks ago.  So far the feedback has been great, which is always a relief.  Who we get to work at Gentle Dental matters to us as it is important that they fit with our ethos, the team and, most importantly, with our clients. Karenn seems to fit the brief on all of these.


We also have two trainees working with us who are training in nursing and on the reception processes and next week we welcome a qualified nurse, Rachel, for two days per week.  Lots of new faces but hopefully you will find them as welcoming as the team members who are familiar to you. 

Karenn has written a little bit about herself which is below and in the next blog we will introduce the other new team members to you.   I hesitate to write about new team members as I have developed a superstitious thought that it heralds their departure so I’m waiting until they have passed their probationary period before I introduce them. Here’s hoping!

If you don’t normally get our newsletters but are enjoying reading the update on what’s happening at Gentle Dental, please let us know you would like to get them in future and we will update your preferences for contact.   The newsletters are never marketing based, they just let you know what’s happening in our world and alert you to any changes within the practice.




Hello Everyone I hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous fall season. I absolutely love the colours on the trees, yellow, orange, maroon and brown, my absolute favourites!  Maybe it is because of my skin tone, HA!

My name is Karenn, the new member of the fabulous Gentle Dental gang!  I am absolutely loving it in here!  Everyone is so kind and lovely, I think I have found my happy place!

Just a little about me, I am from Mexico, don’t like too spicy food (I know I am Mexican), I’m an adrenaline junkie and I love parties too, of course HA!

Apart from that, I also love dentistry! So muchso that I am a finalist for 'The Best Therapist in the South!' Can you believe that! I am Ecstatic!

So, let me tell you a little more about that, can I?

The Oral health Awards (OHA) and the Private Dentistry Awards (PDA) are celebrated every year, so this year I am a finalist for Best Therapist in the South (By OHA) and a Finalist for Best Care for Nervous Patients (by both the OHW & the PDA). The ceremonies are in London on the 5th & 12th of November, quite expensive though, so not sure I will be attending both, but I will keep you posted!

There you go, that is me in a nutshell. And I can promise you, I will do my absolute best for you to look after you at Gentle Dental!

With Love Karenn Xxx

We are keeping our fingers crossed for Karenn in the awards.

Keep well and safe.

Niamh, Rob and (in Karenn’s words) the fabulous Gentle Dental gang

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