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 Oct 4, 2021

Two weeks ago we found ourselves out and about on a little road trip.Rob, Niamh, Jodie, Anu and myself (Lucy) decided we quite fancied a trip the dentistry show which was being held at London Olympia. It was the first time the show has been held since before COVID, so we saw it as a good opportunity to get out and find out about all the new and exciting things dentistry may have to offer.We started the day early by piling into Rob and Niamh’s car and setting off on our mini adventure. It was not long before we decided it was coffee break time. So, a quick stop at Fleet services to fill up on coffee and hot chocolate and we were back on the road.



We arrived at Olympia (after much deliberation about which was the best way to go) and I have to say we were really impressed with the COVID measures they had in place to protect us. We had to show our COVID passport/proof of double vaccination or no entry, and there were lots of hand gel stations all around the exhibition.It wasn’t long before we were filling our bags with as many freebies as we could lay our hands on. We all had to promise Niamh that none of it (tatt as she callled it) would end up back at the practice. The competition was to see who could charm their way to the most freebies. I won with Rob a close second. So after being handed many, many, pens, keyrings, toothpaste samples and whitening strips it was time to get down to serious business.



Rob and I sniffed out the gin bar and made ourselves known! Jodie, Rob and I had a delicious G&T (it was past 12pm by this point I should add) whilst learning about some new and exciting products that were coming onto the market. We had lost Niamh by this stage, she was out on the hunt for new kit to put into our brand-new treatment room. She wanted to buy an airflow machine, which I am sure you have all experienced, so when our new Dental Therapist starts with us (more about what one of those is to follow next time) the experience will be the same no matter who you see. She had success and the new machine was ordered!


Can you believe it we then stumbled across the prosecco bar! Oh this was a lovely place to be, not only for the prosecco, but because we bumped into old colleagues and friends and had a chat. Funny how so many people turned up at that spot!! I managed to catch up with some of the team I went to Africa with on my dental volunteer project a few years ago, which was just amazing. I spent the next 20 minutes telling Rob, Anu and Jodie (Niamh was still on her shopping mission at this point) that is something we should all do as a team. I think I have almost convinced them!  Hmmm I've noticed the common denominator in the drinks photo is me!!


We carried on wandering around the stands looking at information and teaching Anu (our lovely new nurse) what things were and what they are used for. Before we knew it, it was 2pm and we hadn’t even thought about food - the gin and prosecco helped with that!  So we wrapped things up at the show and all headed to a lovely pub for a spot of lunch. Weighed down with bags full of samples and information we made our way back to the car where it was not long before we all, except Niamh, who was driving, were sound asleep. It’s been a while since we have been able to do anything like that and we forgot how exhausting it would be.The day was a huge success and we all took a lot from it. We learned new things; saw people we haven’t seen for years; managed to get what we went for; but most importantly, we had a brilliant day out as a team!

Keep well and safe

Lucy and the Gentle Dental team


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