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 Apr 30, 2020

Hello again.

So, what has food got to do with dentistry?  Not a lot really other than passing the time.  Thankfully until now the weather has been fabulous so we’ve been doing lots of gardening, walking and cycling so with the advent of rain…….cooking.

Rob treated us all to a slap-up feast with scallops, squid and son-in-law eggs (boiled eggs dipped in tamarind and deep fired).  Very yummy

Ruaidhri (on his day off) and me had a bake-off moment when I ventured into bread making following my mum’s Irish soda bread recipe and he made a Paul Hollywood Focaccia.  And guess who did the judging?  (Well he does have similar coloured hair and beard)

Saoirse is technically still at Uni so it is lectures and work most days for her.  At least we are keeping her well-fed.

When we are not cooking/baking we are spending a lot of time on webinars and official websites making ourselves aware of the guidance on how for when we reopen and keeping in touch with the team on Zoom and Whatsapp. There is no doubt the way we work and your visit with the clinic will be very different and we want to make sure we hit the ground running when we are allowed back to work.  Of course, all of this changes daily but as soon as we have a definitive picture for the way forward, we will share it with you.

Finally, we now have the promised video on breathing techniques for you if you want to have a watch.  We are posting on Facebook and Instagram several times each week so if you do use either, follow us to keep up to date on a more regular basis.


 We look forward to seeing you all in the (hopefully) near future. 

Keep well and safe

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