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 Jul 6, 2020

Hi again everyone.

So, although we have been open (in some fashion) since June 8th we are now finally there.  The dental practice will be up and running from Monday 13th July.  We have spent the last few weeks working out how things will be, who needs to be where and when and most importantly how we ensure you and we are completely safe. 

Risk assessments are done, signage is in place and we have practiced how we guide you through the building so that it now feels (slightly) more comfortable for us.  Our main aim is to ensure that when you arrive at the practice you feel welcome, comfortable, safe and guided. 

We’ve made 2 videos (you lucky people!) to explain how things will be for now as it is so hard to get it all down in writing.

Our first video is Just a quick message from us (Rob and Niamh) to explain a little bit about how your appointments will be for the "new normal" 

Our second video is of your new journey through the practice, where you will need to enter the practice and how we will guide you through the practice. It would be really useful for you to watch this before your next appointment. Please click here to view.

Thank you all for your patience during this period. We are working our way through our lists as quickly as we can.  Understandably many of you have a lot of questions and we want to take the time to reassure and advise you.  So, keep asking the questions so you are as prepared and as comfortable as possible when you attend. 

Now the last few weeks have been hard work but we have managed to fit in some fun as well.  The team had a beautiful picnic lunch together in the Cathedral Close on one of those fabulously warm and sunny days (note Rob taking and afternoon nap) and an hilarious, socially distanced birthday celebration with Victoria.  Just try blowing out birthday candles with a visor in place!! Just take a look here at the video! Eating cake was also interesting!

We had our face mask fit testing training just outside Bath and it was so exciting to actually have an excuse for a day out.

Lockdown madness was definitely confirmed when we decided we wanted fish and chips at the beach and cycled to Avon beach at Muddeford  - almost 95K.  At lease we ensured we worked off all of the calories in advance and the fish and chips tasted amazing.

And Rob has decided to take up modelling... He just cant decide between colourful shirt or baker model so has combined the two.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all and will all be working very hard to make your visit with us as comfortable and fun as it was BC19 (Before Covid19)

Keep well, keep safe and see you all soon.

Rob, Niamh and The Gentle Dental Team

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