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Welcome to the Gentle Dental blog - advice, tips and news from the caring dentists at Gentle Dental.

 21st Aug 2020

And now for the science!

And now for the science! Every time we use a handpiece or the airflow in the hygienist room, we generate a spray which has 3 distinct parts.  Spatter, droplet and aerosol.  Spatter is larg...
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 20th Aug 2020

An update on this little guy.

This week we have actually done two blogs for you….lucky people! This one is a general one and the second which is linked below is for those of you who like to know the science behind it all....
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 31st Jul 2020

Certainly not 'all work and no play...'

The last few blogs have all been about reopening, cleaning and what to expect when you visit with us so we decided to start this newsletter with news about the team.        W...
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 17th Jul 2020

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry on....Cleaning! Lock down for Gentle Dental is now officially over. In many ways it has been a lovely sojourn however it is nice to be back to some sort of normality. A snapshot...
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 6th Jul 2020

And we're off!

  Hi again everyone. So, although we have been open (in some fashion) since June 8th we are now finally there.  The practice will be up and running from Monday 13th July.  We have spe...
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 6th Jul 2020

A guided journey through the practice

We felt a video of what your journey will look like once we reopen would be useful. We do hope you enjoy it. We are really looking forward to seeing you at the practice soon. *Please note the treatm...
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 11th Jun 2020

Opening soon!!

  Hurrah we finally have a (tentative) opening date... Monday July 6th.  We, Rob and Niamh, have been at work most days this week seeing clients who had contacted us with difficulties and p...
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 29th May 2020

Celebration - Gentle Dental is reopening

So, a lot of cheering from our two young adults at home after the announcement that you can now meet with more than just one friend and their celebration included the words “it will be so nice t...
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