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 Oct 24, 2020

Niamh and Rob from Gentle Dental, SalisburyWell autumn has well and truly arrived. When the sun is out and the sky is blue the colours of the leaves are just amazing. Every year I try to figure out if it really is my favourite season and I have decided it is…..until Spring rolls around and IT will then definitely be my favourite.

 Sat here on a wet and windy Saturday afternoon putting this blog together I must say I'm glad we got a walk in yesterday afternoon and I could feel like I loved Autumn!

We have lots of news to communicate to you (again) so apologies that this is a very wordy newsletter.

The first bit of good news is that we are managing to catch up with all of your routine hygienist appointments.  By now we have contacted everyone who missed an appointment while we were closed during March, April, May and June. We have also been in touch with all of our clients from June and July who kindly moved their appointment to accommodate those who missed during lockdown.

Many of you have now been seen and everyone has been contacted by voicemail or text. If you are one of the clients from these groups and you have not yet responded to the messages please get in touch so we can book you in.   We are just starting to contact those of you who moved their August appointments so please get back in touch as soon as you receive the messages if we don’t manage to speak with you.

Dentists PPENow…the dreaded PPE.   We field queries and hear stories from many of you as you have friends and family members who have had to pay a hefty fee for PPE when they attend their dental appointment.   We want to reassure you that we are not making any additional charge for PPE when you attend.

And Membership fees.  Normally in November a letter hits your door mat with information on a fee increase from January 1st.  This year there will not be a letter as we have decided to repay the loyalty shown when our clients continued to pay the monthly fees during lockdown.  Therefore, there will be no increase in membership fees in January.

And the final bit of good news needs a bit of explanation.  In March when practices closed it was in response to a directive from the Office of the Chief Dental Officer (OCDO). Thereafter ensued several months of limbo for private practices as the OCDO advised they had nothing to do with private practices and every other dental regulatory body passed the buck.  The result was the formation of the British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD) so that private practices would have a voice. The following is taken directly from their recent communication and as you can see it means that we will not be forced to close down again and can continue to provide normal treatment as long as we are confident we have all the necessary precautions in place….and we are.

“As the government has raised COVID-19 alert level, we want to remind our members that they are able to continue as they have done since restarting practice. The safety measures are all in place, the guidelines are being followed and we should by now all have confidence in our SOPs and their practical application in our practices. The private sector has demonstrated a willingness to get back to a full service for patients as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible; with the hard work done, there should be no interruption to patient care.”


Air purifiers for COVID-19, Salisbury As a follow on to that we want to let you know that we have been so pleased with the air purifiers we purchased for the treatment rooms that we have installed some in the lounge and reception areas also.   Our feeling is that we need to ensure we provide maximum reassurance and protection for both clients and staff in every area of the practice.

The large green figure is the measure of the particles in the air and as this rises the power of the fan increases and fluctuates up and down to keep the particle count at an acceptable level. Incidentally this picture was taken mid way through an airflow treatment which shows that our high volume suction really does its job well.

Xtra Protect sanatisingFinally, for those of you who were interested in purchasing the sanatising liquid we use, it is now in stock in several different sizes.  To find out prices just reply to this email with your query and the reception team will be happy to help.   

That’s the end of the good news from Gentle Dental…. for now.  The good news from Rob and me is that we have finally finished the garden project that we started way back in April.  This front garden has been a very unloved space for a number of years now.  It is amazing what a bit of hard graft can do for a space.  

Mind you the beautiful twisted hazel tree in the centre really helps.

Keep well and safe

Niamh, Rob and the Gentle Dental team.

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